Sari For Education

Sari (saree) is probably one of the most elegant, classy outfit there is. Just really a long stretch of 6 yards of material but can adopt a versatile and unique look depending on material, prints, weaves, textures, colors and thread work and embroidery and so on. Add in blouse styles, and we exponentially increase our choices.

#100SareePact was first conceived by Anju and Ally back in India and many a woman thronged to the idea with very little hesitation. What’s not to love? Sarees are so uniquely Indian. Wearing it was like telling a story, of the history of that particular fabric. It was belonging to an era and a culture and a heritage that was so romantic and feminine.

I am pretty much in a sari if it happens to be a South-Asian event (and there was a time I whooped out a sequin filled black sari to a Holiday party on a cruise too!) and saris are the my biggest indulgence. Since I was 20 and I could handle a crisp cotton and interned at the hospital back in Madras. The respect and the adulation I received in this outfit as opposed to the Salwar Kurta sealed it for me.

This blog here is dedicated to girls/women. I never believed I was a hard core feminist, and I still hesitate coz am unclear myself, but I do believe in the glory of being a woman. I believe in the strength of being one. I believe in the power of our capabilities and I believe we can move mountains and bring a change. If we want to.

I want to.

Not move mountains, but make a difference.

I believe 2015 will be the year when things will pick up steam, and our voices so long silent, and gasping for space to be heard above the din, will get louder, assertive and strong and kind. We will be heard and I hope and pray that it will do so. While we can’t wait for the world to do a reset, we need to continue doing what we can in our journey to help the girl child. Help those who are less privileged that us, by arming them with the knowledge to read, understand, apply and hence give them the power to think for themselves. For us. For better, most definitely.

So, Here is what I have in mind:


Yes. Wear you sari, revel in it, of course!

We also will raise awareness and practical funds at the same time.

Wondering how?


Go here. Join the #SariForEducation drive and pledge your support.

I know I am, and a few of my friends already are.

It will be loads of fun I promise. So much fun, that you will forget you are actually helping raise the bar, and in turn bringing a smile onto faces that deserve it. So bring out those gorgeous drapes and party it up! Each of us can make a difference. Imagine if we are able to combine all our power and strength.

Incredible Sari. 



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