Meditation Coach: Pallovee Surana

Pallavi Surana
Radhika Kowtha-Rao
April 20, 2015

These days Meditation is everywhere. In print, on TV, at fitness clubs and yoga studios, and on Facebook even! Take a step back and wonder and it feels a natural revival of what this world today needs and what the society could use. There is just incredible stress, pressure and lives just don’t seem simple anymore. The more evolved we get, the more entwined we are, within ourselves. I believe, the tipping point of doing more, and living more has reached. It is the start of the beginning of when, we as humans are exhausted with all that we are doing, and the light bulbs go off. It takes a conscious effort to step back and take stock and well, that’s precisely what meditation brings on.

Today, you will meet Pallovee Surana. I met her exactly a year ago through a mutual friend. She conducts meditation classes in group setting. For her group of friends. Every Friday. In a complete unassuming way. With no expectation of any compensation or receiving for all the goodness and help she extends.

They say “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I was ready when I met her. She has helped me. Just as she has helped others, through her practice of meditation to lift that cloud in our head, and see what we are meant to see.

Inspiring and worthy for more folks to know of her and her work, this is her story.

Pallovee (Pallavi) Surana:


Pallavi Surana


Let’s start at the beginning. Where, what and how are you here in the US?

I was born and raised in Bombay (and Abu Dhabi in parts). Hindu family, went to a good private school. This is no your usual private” She giggles. “Film star kids went there. Twinkle Khanna, Hrithik Roshan and the likes. Neighbors were Raj Babbar and Vivek Oberoi. Was a great environment to grow up in for the kind of lifestyles that I was exposed to. Graduated with a degree in Architecture and well, married my husband (who was born and raised here in the US) and moved here to Florida.

So, how did this start? Do you remember when you started thinking along these lines?
Actually as a child, I did not believe in all this. In 11th grade, I had this sudden urge to find out answers to basic questions.. My life was good. Plush even. My father had a large successful construction business in Abu Dhabi. I had tons of friends, was doing great at school, known as Miss Abu Dhabi by friends, but I had to find out if all we were born for was to eat, drink, & die… or was there something more to life…
I remember having tremendous discussions with my father about philosophy & business management & principle centered leadership discussions about Stephen Covey, Norman Vincent Peale, Lee Iococca, Wayne Dyer& others… We had a huge library with tons of inspirational books. I loved principle centered living: living your life on the basis of principles because they don’t change. Everything else is transient.

Like Buddha! He had such questions when everything was going great for him too! Okay, so you just asked folks around you, and read up. Did life change in any way after you moved to the US?

At my in-laws, Jain scholars Visited us often. I started listening to their lectures, theories and it just started to make sense. Jainism answered a lot of my questions about the science and art of life. I was hooked. I just had to keep reading & pursuing. Meanwhile I read many religious texts, from the Bible to the Bhagwat Gita, To Mahatma Gandhi, Buddhism. So, if I had a question, I searched for answers regardless of where.

I followed Jain Sadhwi teachings as they changed my perspective from ego centeredness to soul centeredness and made sense in a crazy world.

Jain teachings eh? So this “meditation” as you call it is stemmed from those teachings?

Yes! I follow and teach the Jain principles and way of meditating and looking inward for your answers in a systematic way.

There is a systematic way to meditation? I grew up with a few Jain girlfriends and they did lead simple lives. I had no idea about this. Did you practice apart from reading? Back then, I mean.
Oh yes! We went through some challenges at that time, so I started meditating to change the energy patterns in my life. To my surprise I felt much better after I meditated & had greater clarity, less reactivity to things that were not in my control…I couldn’t control people or circumstances around me, but at least I could control what I felt. For at least a little while, I became less judgmental and was not attached to other’s behaviors. I think this was a major turning point in my life as I realized being a victim was my choice. I made my principle “Even if you think you are most helpless at least you can be of help to someone” based on that I started volunteering at the kids schools, adult literacy programs.

Would you call this a ‘journey’?

Honestly I didn’t know I had a journey, I was just busy living one day at a time. I just believed strongly, that if I gave up to the Divine will, things will be fine. The journey was shown to me. I had to figure things out and and I had epiphanies, ones that led me towards my purpose.

How did this teaching come about?

It started simply, as all things do. So, I started meditation in a family Jain class that we belonged to and everyone felt good. Soon some friends asked to learn meditation and I offered to to lead a session for fun & since then the rest is history as they say. History is 7 years or even a little more maybe..

wow! That IS a long time. It’s amazing how time flies when we focus and do what we are in tune with I suppose. So, what exactly IS meditation? We’ve all heard it, what do you think and why would you call yourself an ambassador of the practice?

In my opinion, meditation is a tool to quieten your mind. It is a vacation from thoughts that plague us, it is freedom from fear and loneliness. It is the strength to carry on in this crazy world, an anchor to realize that we are not alone on this path of life & that all the burden we have been carrying is unnecessary and needless. We are enough right here & right now! In fact we are perfect and our true nature is abundant happiness. We have to give up our attachment to suffering… learn our lessons from whatever comes our way & move into the knowingness that we are really and truly blessed. Everything that is happening to us or around us is an illusion, it is a hologram.

I see what you are saying, but to play devil’s advocate here, how can what happens to us, and our thoughts be anything but real. Good and bad happens to us, and we are not always in control of how we feel. We are swayed. Don’t you think?

Yes, but that’s the thing. The only true thing is our reaction.
Our reactions create positive or negative energy. If it’s negative energy, then that attracts more negative energy and before we know it, there is a spiral of negativity that can take us to the bottom of the whirlpool. It is crippling. The root of all problems is how we feel. That is the meaning of life. To remove that negativity, we have to reach our subconscious and reprogram it as all our behaviors are based on subconscious learning. Once that happens, we get clarity, change our thoughts into positive ones, and that’s how we attract more positivity. That’s also how we get (manifest) what we desire. Happiness.

What’s the most poignant lesson or words through the time, that has stuck with you?

Two things have stayed with me.  
The first was advice from Stephen Covey. “Begin with the End in Mind” How do you want to be remembered on your epitaph… This principle guided me to take the chance of bringing meditation as a tool for thought control, even before it became a buzz word, it gave me the strength to jump with my own intuition & start teaching.
The second thing told to me was, give up your attachment to the I. You are not the doer, it is done through you, you are not responsible, you are just the conduit, the catalyst, the Television that is broadcasting. I have lived by these principles & try daily to incorporate these in my life…

Do you actually practice these at home? Isn’t it a bit of a challenge to work with our own at home?

My philosophy has been actions speak louder than words.. To bring change & influence people, words are not enough, you have to live what you preach in your daily interactions. Charity begins at home and I needed to bring that same awareness to my family members, which was hard. I started practicing compassion towards any negative relationship & to my utter surprise people changed. It takes time, but they do.

Ive heard you use the word Preksha. What is Preksha?

2700 years ago, it was taught that “emotion over reactivity is the root problem in this world”, was very true and I could see first hand the application of this solution of Preksha or Perception in my own life. It was amazing! This is the journey of experiencing the realization. As awareness increases, intuition increases and this helps in making decisions!

That I can vouch for, yes. Ive been doing this a few months now, and I know there are changes I see in myself which has helped clear the fog in my head 🙂 So your classes are definitely something many look forward to. I see the ernest flocking, the acknowledgement of positive changes, and how much of a calm progress the ladies make with time. You must feel such a surge of emotions?

It has been an awesome ride and I feel blessed when I see my students or my fellow travelers light up with their own greatness… This surge of positive energy, keeps me going every week, and we succeed only if the other succeeds. We are in this together!

From being the worst critic, I am my own friend, I am gentler with myself & more forgiving & in that love & acceptance I am aligning myself more with my own greatness the divinity that shines within..

As you can tell, I recently started calling myself Pallovee because love is what brings us together and I bring love which is the highest vibration to every interaction.


I know! ..and I love it! It’s a lovely adaptation and even true to what you bring and share around you. Thank you! So this is your calling you think? Have you a vision of where you want to go with this gift of yours?

Thank you! My path. My path now is to be the best that I can be, bring compassion and cooperation and oneness to the forefront. I also want to create a program for the kids. I believe, starting this journey much earlier in life, will remove a lot of un-necessary stress and we are always looking to make our lives easier, sooner. Personal life coach, is another term that’s been thrown at me, and I have ventured into this knowing with assurance that I am indeed helping others.

Om Arham.


Personal discoveries are always interesting. Personal discoveries that help others discover themselves are even more interesting, and if we pay enough attention, inspire us to make something of ourselves. Ive started believing in slowing down and being conscious of my thoughts and listening to them since I started practicing. Maybe after reading this, you may want to try out Pallovee’s classes or one where you live locally.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed putting this together!


  1. Hi Pallovee
    Wonderful article 🙂 Enjoyed reading it and learning a little. Radhika did a nice job !!
    I love your thoughts on how you have mentioned about meditation helps remove negative energy. I am interested in learning about meditation classes you offer. Please can you provide me details and your contact info. I have heard that meditation is hard it takes time to get into the mode. I love and enjoying doing Yoga and love the relaxation part at the end. Would it be something similar?

    1. Dear kavitha,
      Thank You for your interest! Being such a talented dancer & a practicing yogini, you are already in touch with your self… all you need is a gentle direction.. meditation will come very easy to you.. Yoga & meditation for the soul are like exercise & diet for the body, you need a balance of both to keep healthy….New classes will start shortly, I will get in touch with you as soon as they do. Till then keep shining like the bright light that you already are!! with Love.

  2. Thank You Radhika for the interview & the great work you are doing bringing all the latent talent out! Hope to see the stories of many more inspirational women & their awe inspiring journeys! Thank you & God Bless!

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