I Have A Dream

Radhika Kowtha-Rao
May 19, 2015

Two posts. Two ladies, and two inspirations that I have missed bringing to this space here.

I dreamed up the questions, the curiosity and the excitement that came with finding an amazing woman you want to introduce to the world here. Twice. Even thrice.

Then I waited. Nothing happened. I asked again. Nudged. Gently. Then firmly. Then with the unbridled enthusiasm that is now become a characteristic. More silence happened. I didn’t give up. I asked again.

Silence does speak volumes.

Hesitation is loud. To offer doubt. Despite what are. The deer in the headlights look, and the incredulousness of the attention, and the misplaced embarrassment.

I fight it as much as I can. I plead. I cajole. I ask again, for the sake of many others, for the girls, for us, the members of the sisterhood that bind us together. In power and also in weakness, the one that I hope and valiantly believe that I can put a dent in. 
 The more times am turned away, the more I search. I search for little emblems of hope. For the stronger ones, ones who are not afraid of their power and their strength. I search, I ask, I get silence. I rinse and repeat.

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up. – Babe Ruth

My bar is high. I can lower it just a smidgeon to allow more to walk in, but then again, do I want to? So I trudge on. Emailing, calling, asking for referrals, for ones worthy for the ordinary ones who bask in their glory, for the ones who are unafraid of their success and where they stand, ones who are giving. Coz to speak about yourself could require chutzpah, and some acceptance with a modicum of modesty, but it also requires a helping heart.


Coz ultimately, not only are you a whole, but you are also a piece of the larger picture. The picture of the world that we as girls must see assertively. For the strength that we all inherently possess, and just haven’t been able to tap, for the power to make a difference, if we stood by each other.

..and I tell myself more times these days than before I started this little project of mine.

“If only ..”


..and one day she will. Coz that’s what I set out to do, and I will. One day, there will be more girls and more women out there who will stand under the spotlight, with grace, pride and kindness as she inspires and holds her hand and her heart out to her sister standing just a wee bit below. To become the mirror that we all are capable of.

I have a dream. One day.


    1. haha thanks Lakshmi 🙂 It feels right you know.. I hope it helps a few and then reaches some more.
      would you mind linking to the blog, that space could use some love and attention from readers

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