Youth Advocate: Sareana Kimia

Radhika Kowtha-Rao
June 15, 2015

Sareana Kimia catapulted to fame and became pretty much every DC Indian household’s topic of conversation when Washington Post ran an article on her over the last holidays.  The headline jolted each of us into paying attention and we all read of her. After recovering from awestruck admiration, we naturally shared her story around. The children were pulled up by parents, and the students in turn thought she was cool and brave for all that she went through and manages to keep at.

I was to speak with her a few months since, but somehow our busy lives could not get a breather enough to connect, and we played tag awhile and when I finally did, it was well worth the wait, and what an honor! Being a mom to teenagers, I’ve always admired the youth for their tenacity and the beauty of their innocent dreams and the passion with which they plunge forward!

Sareana’s face popped on my screen, she was really just another teenager (albeit a precocious one) with a smile that lit a thousand candles, and a laugh that was at once shy, unassuming and sure. I had done very little homework on her, just coz I wanted to hear first hand on what she had to say!1236175_247552748726239_989927615_n

With  an air of nonchalance studded with occasional escapades into her own mind and getting distracted with her work, just like any other teen, she conversed with me, on her interests, her life, vision, and her personal story that shaped her for what she is today.

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