Meet Radhika: Also goes by Rads online and on her other blogs, Radhika is just another woman, and a mom, one with stars in her eyes and a heart full of hope and dreams for herself and everyone she meets.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Part 1

I was just another shy, introverted little girl raised in Madras., India. Went to a catholic institution with the dreams of becoming a doctor. I didn’t. I instead went to Optometry school. Did well there, got into a couple of good Optometry schools here in the US, and was very happy. The visas didn’t however come through. So parents decided I’d just as well get married, and THEN study etc. I agreed and did.

Part 2
US has always had bizarre immigration issues, since forever, despite that fact that it’s a country built on immigrants. So we also faced issues and moved to Brussels, and since I was twirling thumbs, I went ahead and had my two older kids all the while, not giving up on riding trams and doing French courses. We moved back, and I struggled my way through a graduate program and managed to land a job. Went ahead and had another baby, coz hey, maybe one day she can contest elections for President, right? Right! Jumped few jobs, learnt a lot, loved a few, hated some, tolerated some more through carpools, packing lunches, field trips, juggling different schools and PTA activities. Life was busy! I blogged through it all. Here.

Part 3:
Well, there really is no part 3. But I dabble in various activities that lure me in. So I’ve taught dance, I danced, I choreograph, I run programs for schools, I like to travel, see new places, I read, I take pictures, some are good enough that people actually pay me, I am an advocate for the pets shelter, and Ive recently started cycling, like long distance, and competitive cycling. Of course I write, always have. Different kinds of writing. It seems like ultimately that’s the one thing I love doing. Serious.

So why this blog?
Coz this is something Ive always enjoyed and it didn’t find fruition till now coz I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I am still unsure, but things aren’t as clear as mud, more like chocolate milk now. Still slightly thick, but at least things are starting to look and taste good.

Again, why this blog?
Okay, so I love meeting people. People who go do their own thing. Think I identify and relate. Ive always wanted to create things. I am the happiest when I do things from scratch, or maybe even just to create something new out of whatever there is left, from throwing a party to making a prop to designing an outfit to cooking. No, wait, am no chef, but I can’t for the life of me follow rules and stringent established behaviors. I like to see strength. I like chutzpah. I like to see how girls and women follow their hearts despite all the shackles that we are bound, through tradition, culture and environment.
So yes, I meet a ton of women who are amazing.

People call *me* superwoman.
No, am not. I just do what catches my fancy, not my fault that a lot of the world catches my fancy.
I believe that there is so much of strength around us. In the way we deal with multi-tasking to a neighbor’s request to the teenager’s dilemma, to how to calculate a tip. No, serious. I know many who stress out when they don’t know the slightest of things. Each one of us are incarnates of Atlas. We each have our own struggles and dilemmas and one woman’s 2 pennies is another woman’s gold coin.

…and, again, what’s going on in this blog?
Yes yes, getting to it. So the idea is to showcase women who make a difference. So other girls and women can use them as role models.

So that’s it, mainly showcasing and interviewing women?  

So yes, am always on the lookout for folks who make a difference. At this point I am focusing on the female gender, coz well, the world is full of little young girls who still need all the encouragement they can get, and break free from the intense conditioning from ages.

I am not closing the doors for men, but it could happen in the future.
If you know or happen to know anyone, fill this form up! 

I love hearing from folks, even if to send me a picture of your pet (and it has happened before, so no you are most definitely not weird!). It totally makes my day!

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  1. Stunned by your posts. About section inspired me a lot. Thanks. The Tag line is just perfect. I am running out of words. All the best.

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